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Pill Festival Band

Covid 19 Guidance 2022

We are holding rehearsals every Monday night (school term time) at the Pill Memorial Club, from 6pm to 9pm.

Despite the relaxation of Covid Guidance in England the virus is still causing problems, so we ask that you familiarise yourselves with our guidance (below).

Before attending rehearsals.

Do not attend if you have any of the following symptoms, elevated temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste/smell. Also do not attend if you have been asked to self isolate, or have been in contact (or live) with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive.

Guidance during rehearsals.

  1. Please check in using our ‘register’, so that if necessary we can contact anyone who attended a session.
  2. Please be conscious of maintaining an appropriate distance from other band members, especially those who may be more vulnerable.
  3. At this time face masks are not compulsory, but our preference is that you wear one when appropriate.
  4. Sanitise you hands on entering and leaving the main hall.
  5. Minimise touching shared surfaces.
  6. Do not share equipment (rosin, valve oil etc.), or music. Keep your equipment in your own space.
  7. For blown instruments have a towel (paper towels are available) to contain ‘precipitate’ and if possible have a ‘bell’ covering for the instrument. Wipe any contaminated area around you at the end of rehearsal. Bring a plastic bag to carry the towel in.
  8. If you sneeze (not an indicating symptom of Covid), please do so into a tissue or the crook of your elbow.
  9. If required, bring your own bottle of water.
  10. If you test positive (or develop symptoms) for Covid within five days of attending a rehearsal, please notify the committee.
  11. Please Note:- The committee will do everything we reasonably can to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, but we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of all risk.