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A Community Concert Orchestra

Pill Festival Band

Pill Festival Band - 2021

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We have space for more players ( from absolute beginners upwards) and invite anyone from the local area who would like to join in. Our focus is on enjoyment of sharing the experience of making music with others and bringing together people from all corners of this special community.

If you would like to find out more about us please come along to one of our rehearsals (currently every Monday at Pill Memorial Club), or email info@pfb.org.uk, or ask around the village.

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Rehearsal Times

The band normally meets up every Monday evening (term time) at Pill Memorial Club.

The rehearsal timings are:

For anyone who has taken up a new instrument, or is returning to playing after many years, the beginners band provides an environment to play along with others and  to perform to an appreciative audience.

Objective of the band.

The main purpose of the band is to allow anyone in the locality to learn and play live music. So that they can both enjoy playing for their own enjoyment, and also that of others in bringing live performances to local events and concerts.

To support and encourage our younger members under 18s and full time students are given free membership, and we have a library of loan instruments available.

The three sections of the band

Beginners Band


Pill Festival Band is open to anyone, whether a seasoned player or a complete beginner.

As an orchestral band we include a wide range of instruments such as those listed below and more.

Strings - violin, viola, cello, electric bass guitar

Aimed at improvers and those who abandoned any formal musical training once they were old enough to stand up to their parents, but - who now see the light.

Training Band

Those with a few years of playing experience who after practice can play with a reasonable level of competence, who want to enjoy the social contact of practicing in a group and/or who want to perform as part of a group in public.

Performance Band

Another Pill Community Success

Fairly proficient players and above, who can play from sheet music and include all accents and dynamics.


String Section

Pill Festival Band was originally set up as part of Pill Music Festival in 2009, the aim was to encourage live music in the village of Pill. Now independent of the Music Festival, its objective is to provide an encouraging environment for local musicians at any age and at any standard of play, and also to provide musical accompaniment to local events.


Beginners band is led by Gemma Cao, a talented player with a degree in music, we are very lucky to have Gemma leading the beginners band. Gemma also composes music and has her own channels on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Michael Conducting

Training and performance sections are coached and conducted by Michael Joce.
Michael joined us over the period of lockdown last year and has already become an established part of the orchestra. His friendly and professional manner have made our rehearsals a real and informative pleasure - thank you Michael.


The band usually rehearses on each Monday during school term time (i.e. 38 rehearsals), for adults each rehearsal is £5, or alternatively a standing order of £15 per month. Potential new members are encouraged to take a no obligation ‘free’ trial period.

Performance Availability

Pill Festival Band accepts invitations to perform  at any local public or private event. The band has performed at birthday parties, village commemorative events, local festivals, fetes and of course at the ever popular Pill Rag