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Christmas 2020


Please record yourself (either audio or video) playing along to the following tracks, and email the recording to

Stephen Brain.

Deck the Hall.mp3

Deck the Halls

Click on the speaker icons to hear the tracks.

If you need further instructions, please see the bottom of this page.

Many thanks to Ade for expertly creating these tracks.

Jingle Bells.mp3

Jingle Bells


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Silver Bells_CLICK.mp3

Silver Bells

The 3-Minute Nutcracker.mp3

3 Minute Nutcracker

The Twelve Days of Christmas.MP3

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Trilogy of Carols.mp3

A Trilogy of Carols

Walking in the Air.mp3

Walking in the Air

When Christmas Comes to Town_CLICK.mp3

When Christmas Comes to Town


Clicking on the speaker icons should start another web page which contains an online MP3 player. You can either listen to the track on that page by clicking on the play button, or you can save the track to your own PC/device if you <right click> on the MP3 player and select ‘Save As…’ .

Listen to the tracks on ear/head phones, and play along. When you are confident do the same but record your playing (either as an audio or video recording). Please email that recording to Stephen Brain.

PFB Christmas Concert 2020


Thank you to everyone who contributed.  We have managed to put together the following tracks from the recordings we received.

Walking in the Air.mp3

Walking in the Air

Trilogy of Carols.mp3

Trilogy of Carols


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer