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Pill Festival Band

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The Band’s Formation


What we do.

Performance Availability

Pill Festival Band accepts invitations to perform  at any local public or private event. The band has performed at birthday parties, village commemorative events, local festivals, fetes and of course at the ever popular Pill Rag

Rehearsal Times

The band normally meets up every Monday evening (term time) at Pill Memorial Club.

The rehearsal timings are:

For anyone who has taken up a new instrument and is taking lessons. The beginners band provides an environment to play along with others and  to perform to an appreciative audience.

Beginners Band


Pill Festival Band is open to anyone, whether a seasoned player or a complete beginner.

As an orchestral band we include a wide range of instruments such as those listed below and more.

Aimed at improvers and those who abandoned any formal musical training once they were old enough to stand up to their parents, but - who now see the light.

Training Band

Those of grade 5 and above who want to enjoy the social contact of practicing in a group and who want to perform as part of a group in public.

Performance Band

PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner
Another Pill Community Success
PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner

Since its formation in 2009 the band has grown continually, and now has 35 players. We perform a wide repertoire of concert music.

Additionally the band is subsidising local school children in teaching them to play thus guaranteeing the health of the band for the future.

PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner

In 2009 Pill held its own music festival. Villagers were encouraged to take part in that festival by our own folk and shanty singer Chris Roach. His enthusiasm and organisational skills not only provided a focus for local groups, but also led to the formation of a concert band, named in sake for the music festival in Pill. More...

Pill Festival Band was originally set up as part of Pill Music Festival (See panel left), whose aim was to encourage live music in the village of Pill. Now independent of the Music Festival, its objective is to provide an encouraging environment for local musicians at any age and at any standard of play.

Additionally, using money collected at our performances and other donations, we both subsidise teaching local children to learn musical instruments, and provide a venue and a conductor for our Monday rehearsal and practice sessions.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us or see our About Us page for further details

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