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Secure Rehearsals are now being held.

We are holding rehearsals every Monday night (Government Advice Permitting) at the Pill Memorial Club, from 7pm to 9pm. For the time being these rehearsals will be for Training and Performance players.

Eligibility for attending rehearsals.

To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus we require everyone who attends to complete a ‘pre-screening questionaire’, in which you will also have to declare that you have read the ‘Required Guidance’ (below).

The questionnaire is available by following either of these links.


Pre-Screening Questionaire (pdf)

Or Pre-Screening Questionaire (.docx)

Prior to attending a rehearsal please print and sign this questionnaire form and bring it with you.

Printed copies will be available at the venue, however to reduce congestion and sharing of pens etc., please bring a signed copy with you.

Required guidance for attending rehearsals.

This guidance allows us to hold rehearsals with more than 6 people, it is not optional.

  1. Arrive individually (or in households), enter at least 15 seconds behind previous attendee.
  2. If you have the NHS track and trace app, please scan the Pill Festival Band QR code displayed on your way in.
  3. Arrive before the posted start time. The rehearsal will commence with a Covid guidance briefing. Anyone arriving late will be required to read this guidance and sign the ‘Pre-screening’ declaration form.
  4. Wear a mask (at all times, except when playing brass or wind instruments).
  5. Sanitise you hands on entering and leaving the main hall.
  6. Complete the self declaration sheet prior to attending rehearsal, and sign to indicate that you have read and understood the rehearsal instructions. A copy of this guidance will be emailed beforehand to anyone who has indicated their intention to join the rehearsal, as well as available at the rehearsal venue.
  7. Avoid unnecessary bathroom breaks. If necessary, go one at a time.
  8. Social distancing at all times (at least 2Mtrs).
  9. The chairs will be put out before the rehearsal starts. Do not move the chairs. The chairs will be put away after rehearsal is concluded.
  10. To reduce the amount of movement around the room, each chair will be labelled with the intended occupant name.
  11. No mingling (this is important to allow the rehearsal to go ahead).
  12. Please refrain from conversing. Except at break times (2M socially distanced). Or wait until outside (socially distanced).
  13. Avoid touching shared surfaces.
  14. Do not share equipment (rosin, valve oil etc.), or music. Keep your equipment in your own space (e.g. instrument cases), unless too large in which case ask for instructions.
  15. Please enter by the main entrance and leave via the fire door.
  16. For blown instruments have a towel (paper towels are available) to contain ‘precipitate’ and if possible have a ‘bell’ covering for the instrument. Wipe any contaminated area around you at the end of rehearsal. Bring a plastic bag to carry the towel in.
  17. No hugging, hand shaking
  18. If you sneeze (not an indicating symptom of Covid), please do so into a tissue or the crook of your elbow.
  19. Anyone not complying with the guidance will be asked to leave (after two warnings).
  20. If required, bring your own bottle of water.
  21. Blown air heating may be turned off during rehearsal. And during break we may ventilate the room. Bring adequate clothing.
  22. If you test positive (or develop symptoms) for Covid within two weeks of attending a rehearsal, you are required to notify the committee.
  23. Please Note:- The committee will do everything we reasonably can to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, but we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of all risk.

Covid 19 Guidance

Current Covid regulations for this area prohibit us from rehearsing.

Hopefully following Christmas it won’t be too long before we are back.